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World’s Highest Dinner Party Takes Place on Everest

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Dinner Party at Mt. Everest
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Kathmandu/ The World’s Highest Dinner Party team led by adventurer Neil Laughton climbed to Mount Everest’s North Col at 7,020 metres, where they set up a dining table, crockery, cutlery, a flower arrangement and champagne and then cooked an exclusive high-altitude menu, designed by Sat Bains, a Michelin two-starred chef.

Dining on a menu specially designed to tantalise the taste buds at high altitude with the five flavours of salt, sweet, sour, bitter and umami the dinner party enjoyed a toast of champagne, miso soup, lamb tagine and the RSB Chocolate Bar.

The team toasted the occasion with a bespoke cocktail created by exploration bar Mr. Fogg’s and METAXA 12 Stars.

The expedition repeated their 2015 route approaching Everest from the northern base camp in Tibet, following the Rongbuk Glacier up to Advance Base Camp at about 6,400 m.

The dinner took place at North Col, at 7,020m which is close to the death zone. The team set up the stoves and the table to prepare and cook the meal and then served the world record-breaking three-course dinner, toasted with flutes of champagne.

The guest of honour was Sirdar Nima Sherpa who was presented with his own dinner suit in 2015. The diners then set up camp before descending the following morning and will return to the UK on 8th May.

To mark this world-record, quintessentially English luxury lifestyle brand, Aspinal of London, have crafted one off handmade hipflasks for each climber.

Expedition leader and entrepreneur Neil Laughton, who has already led five successful expeditions to Mount Everest and summited the mountain in 1998 with Bear Grylls, is renowned for his eccentric adventurous expeditions and for his efforts raising money for charity.

These include paddling a bath across the Solent, playing cricket at the South Pole and flying a car across the Sahara Desert. This time he has travelled via Tibet to the North Col of Everest to set a new Guinness World Record for the highest black tie dinner party at 7,100 m dining in style accompanied by a glass of champagne.

Expedition leader Neil Laughton said, “I am delighted to have succeeded in leading a British team in setting a rather eccentric new world record – our next goal is to surpass our £150,000 for struggling Sherpa communicates after the devastating earthquake in 2015 which we witnessed first-hand.”

The purpose of this eccentric British expedition is greater than a world record attempt. Inspired after the tragedy of the 2015 earthquake to help the community surrounding this epic mountain, the team are attempting to raise over £150,000 for Community Action Nepal, a charity that supports the mountain-dwelling people of Nepal and provides sustainably-driven life-saving aid and life-changing infrastructure.

Funder and Operations Director of Community Action Nepal Doug Scott CBE said “Congratulations to Neil Laughton and the Everest Dinner 2018 team for celebrating the recording breaking dinner party in style on Everest. It was just three years since the devastating earthquake drove them off the mountain on the previous attempt.

The generous support of the team, their sponsors and supporters mean so much to Community Action Nepal’s post-earthquake reconstruction work, which still continues.”

This year’s attempt on the World’s Highest Dinner Party is supported by Mumm Champagne who have championed adventurer Neil Laughton as a member of their prestigious Cordon Rouge Club which celebrates extraordinary people and their daring and victorious adventures.



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